SoCS Saturday 27.03.2021: Run

I’ve never understood people who go running as a hobby. It seems to me that a huge number of human innovations have been thought of as a means to avoid running. Why did we start riding horses or create cars? So we could get places quickly without running. Bows and arrows? So we didn’t have to run after antelopes with spears. Aerobics? So we could exercise without running. You get the picture. Going running is a metaphorical kick in the teeth of our ancestors; running away from progress, if you will.

I never run anywhere. I would rather miss the bus. In a city, this works just fine; in the 17th century, aka the extreme countryside, you might be waiting a while. I get to the stop 5 minutes early.

I once went running. It was very boring, and I spent the whole time worrying about tripping up. It was a very rocky dirt track, because I wouldn’t be seen dead running along the actual road, flat and safe as it may be. I wouldn’t want people to think I was a Luddite.

This is part of Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt was ‘run’. For full instructions and to see all contributions, go here.

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